Black Seed Oil Benefits — Cold Pressed Oil

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cold pressed black seed oil



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Cold Pressed Black Seed Oil Benefits

If you want to maximize your black seed oil benefits, then cold pressed is the way to go.  Cold pressing an oil is the best way to ensure that the nutritional value of the oil stays intact, and that the oil is closest to its raw, natural state when you consume it.  Right now, this cold pressed black seed oil is on pretty great sale from a reputable brand.   The testimonials for this product are all 100% positive.  If you’ve done any research at all into the world of black seed oil, then you know about its unique health properties that not only help to balance the body, but boost the immune system, decrease allergies, and reduce inflammation in the body.  Black seed oil truly is one of nature’s most beneficial oils to the human body.  There have even been reports that black seed oil might have the ability to destroy pancreatic cancer cells.  Though no studies have officially been done, that’s a pretty strong claim.  Let’s go through a few of the major black seed oil benefits:

Immune System Booster

Black seed oil is an amazing immune system booster.  No one knows exactly how the 100 nutrients in black seed oil all work synergystically together to boost the immune system, but this effect has been noted for over 1000 years.  Black seed oil has an amazing balancing effect on the body which helps to minimize negative immune system responses like allergies and inflammation, while at the same time boosting the positive immune system responses.


Black seed oil has very powerful anti-inflammatory properties.  Inflammation is a huge problem in modern culture.  Though most people don’t know it, their inflammation response is probably overly active due to poor dieting and constant proximity to toxins.  Heightened inflammation response can lead to a wide variety of conditions, most notably of which is arthritis.  Inflammation generally causes increased pain in the joints and throughout the body, and can keep the immune system overly active.


In a study done in Munich, Germany, 600 allergy patients were given black seed oil twice a day.  85% of those patients actually reported a positive change in their allergies.  This is huge, since most people who suffer from allergies know that allergies are generally a lifelong battle that doesn’t go away or get better.  The most we can usually do is to take anti-histamines whenever allergies strike.  But black seed oil has natural anti-histamine properties which help the body naturally, instead of through artificial drugs.

Black Seed Oil Benefits — Topical Uses

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Black Seed Oil Benefits for Topical Use

Black seed oil has seen a wide variety of use throughout history.  In our modern culture, black seed oil is taken internally, but especially in the past many of the benefits came about through topical use.  In the past, many skin conditions were treated with black seed oil, to clear up dermatitis issues.  Black seed oil was also rubbed on the chest and throat to help with bronchitis and asthma.  Today, people don’t really use black seed oil for treating those types of conditions, but black seed oil has been integrated into many cremes that people find especially intriguing.

One reason why black seed oil has been integrated into cremes is because of the fact that science still doesn’t understand how all of the complex interactions of the nutrients in black seed oil work.  All we really know is that black seed oil is very nutritious to the body and very beneficial to multiple systems in the body.  And since it’s an oil, it can be easily absorbed through the skin.  So it stands to reason that if black seed oil is that nutritious and beneficial to the body when digested, maybe it will be equally beneficial to the body when absorbed straight through the skin.  It’s a good assumption since many oils that are beneficial to eat are also beneficial when used topically, and since black seed oil benefits the body in such comprehensive ways, it probably is one of the most beneficial oils a person can use on the skin.

Black seed oil, interestingly enough, has been shown to benefit the skin even when taken orally.  Black seed oil is often used to treat acne, and people who use it in this way swear by it.  Since black seed oil has such a stabilizing effect on the body and balances many aspects of the body that are out of alignment, it helps to balance issues with the skin as well.  Though not used topically to treat acne, it has been shown to greatly benefit the skin, which lends further credence to the idea that black seed oil used topically through a creme does great things for the skin.  I myself have never used black seed oil in this way, but I can see how it would be a great benefit to those who do.

Black Seed Oil Benefits — Immune System

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Black Seed Oil Benefits the Immune System

Though science has not officially come out and verified it, many experts are admitting that that black seed oil benefits the immune system in an amazing way.  It’s not that any single element in black seed oil is integral to immune system function, but the complex dynamics of black seed oil’s 100 different chemicals seem to work together in a way that no other naturally occurring substance seems to do.  Science believes that the whole is nothing more than the sum of its parts, but this doesn’t seem to be the case with black seed oil. Here, the complex association of compounds seem to augment and enhance the properties of each other, giving a total immune system boost.  This effect has been noted for centuries.  In fact, the Mohammed, the prophet to Islam was quoted as saying that black seed oil “heals every disease except death.”

One of the reasons why black seed oil is so helpful to the immune system is because it helps bring the whole immune system back into balance.  Black seed oil has powerful anti-inflammatory and antihistamine effects that allow the immune system to come down from a stage of heightened alert.  There was a study once done in Munich, Germany where 600 allergy patients were given 500mg of black seed oil two times each day for a three month period.  After the three month period ended 85% of the patients exhibited a clear improvement in their symptoms.  So not only does black seed oil have compounds which directly give the immune system a nice boost, it also has properties which indirectly boost the immune system by allowing it to relax in areas like inflammation response and allergic reaction.

Western medicine generally creates drugs which target one specific effect.  Antibiotics for example, are tailored to target specific strains of bacteria.  Blood pressure medication was tailored to cause a reduction in one thing only, hypertension.  The list goes on.  Western medicine doesn’t really know what to do with compounds that seem to have an overall positive effect on the body.  Since it can’t really be measured in quantifiable terms, they don’t really know what to do with it.  If you get sick often, then the immune system benefits of black seed oil are probably for you.  Give it a try.

Black Seed Oil Benefits — Anti-Inflammatory

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Black Seed Oil Benefits — Powerful Anti-Inflammatory

Black seed oil, also known as black cumin, is one of nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatory herbs.  This is one of the most important black seed oil benefits in our modern world of fast foods, snacks, and sodas.  Why is that?  Most of the foods in the Standard American Diet are said to be pro-inflammatory.  That means that they heighten the body’s inflammation response, meaning the body is more on the alert.  Inflammation is part of the body’s immune system response.  Inflammation is a way for the body to isolate and area that it feels is under attack in order to start the healing process.  When you get a bee sting, for example, the immune system sets off the inflammation response to swell up the poisoned area in an effort to deal with the toxins locally and keep them from spreading.

Inflammation, at base, is a positive reaction.  But what happens is that because of the poor diet of our modern age and the bombardment with all kinds of foreign compounds, things like smog, pesticides, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, etc, the body goes on heightened alert.  The inflammation response goes way up and the body can start experiencing problems.  Many chronic conditions thrive in a pro-inflammatory state, arthritis being the primary condition.  There are whole diets centered around eating as many anti-inflammatory foods as possible.

That’s why black seed oil’s anti-inflammatory action might be its best benefit.  In our modern world, most people eat way more pro-inflammatory foods than anti-inflammatory.  Having a powerful anti-inflammatory herb in your diet can be a really good idea.  There are plenty of oils and herbs that are considered anti-inflammatory, black seed oil being just one of them.  But black seed oil is a great oil to consider because apart from being an anti-inflammatory, it has a host of other benefits as well, which we’ll talk about in the next post.  Personally, I like getting the most bang for my buck.  Eating an anti-inflammatory herb is nice, but eating an anti-inflammatory herb that has over 100 different compounds that supplement one another to have a powerful wellness enhancing effect on the body is something else entirely.  As you’ll see in the next post, black seed oil benefits are many and varied.

Historical Black Seed Oil Benefits

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Black Seed Oil Benefits Throughout History

Historically black seed oil, also known as black cumin, has been used for thousands of years.  Black seed oil benefits are numerous and varied and have been used both topically and internally.  Black seed oil has had a long history, dating even back to ancient Egypt.  Archaeologists even reported finding black cumin in the tomb of Kind Tut.  It’s official name is Nigella Sativa, and like mentioned earlier, it is also known as black cumin.

Apart from ancient Egypt, where the best black cumin traditionally grew and still grows today, black seed oil was also used by the ancient Greeks.  There was a famous Greek physician named Discorides who used black seed oil to treat headaches and tooth aches.  Traditionally, black seed oil was thought to help the body balance itself.  Modern science has begun to verify this thought in that black seed oil seems to especially benefit people who are suffering auto-immune disorders, meaning disorders where the body is attacking itself.

It seems that more and more in our modern society, our bodies seem to get either imbalanced or unsure of our environment.  Allergies are rampant, as are people suffering the effects of inflammation, like arthritis.  That’s one of the other great black seed oil benefits, the fact that it’s an anti-inflammatory.  The body is said to be in either a state of pro-inflammation or anti-inflammation.  Inflammation is an immune system response to a specific negative stimulus.  When a body is in a state of pro-inflammation, it tends to want to begin the inflammation process more readily than a body in an anti-inflammatory state.

This, combined with the fact that black seed oil has a balancing effect on the body, is probably the main reason why black seed oil was so revered by the ancients.  Any oil that can both bring balance as well as promote a state of anti-inflammation inside the body is definitely a great oil for whole body wellness.  After all, if a body is in a healthy, efficient state, it’s much harder for illness and negative conditions to set in.  Today, black seed oil is still continuing to see a wide variety of use.